Still Firing Away Daily... How About You?

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Anyone with any insight? Do we have a shot here?

Keep fighting Paul. It’s not over yet.

Let us continue this fight.

Our impression from others posts is that if this “Bill” passes, that’s it for the fight. Come on people, open your eyes to the obvious contradictions and violations we have here!

“Sunrise Act” violations, “Florida Corporation Act” contradictions, etc. are just a couple. There are legal implications if this “Bill” passes.

This fight is FAR FROM OVER.

From what I can gather, the governor does not understand why he should veto the legislation, because it gives inspectors in business until 2010 to comply.

Make sure your letters splain it to him…

The Governor should have a “team” of individuals who examine the
“pros-n-cons” of each Bill that is presented. For example, former Governor Bush was well versed in the pitfalls of Congress passed past legislation; he Vetoed it (then past legislation) time after time it was presented to him. He used common sense, in our case.

If this current Governor signs, or ignors, this blatant violations of a “Bill,” he may, afterall, be a clown in Governors clothing.

This is the Governor we are now dealing with, like it or not. The senate and house passed this bill unanimously, therefore the Governor, any Governor, would not be likely to veto the bill that had unanimous support without good reasoning, and much input.

I am simply telling you what I have gathered about his thoughts on the bill. This fight started months ago, and we have all known that if a bill got to his desk he would likely sign it.

I do suggest that anyone who is not supporting this legislation write, call, email, fax, and carrier pigeon your thoughts to the Governor as many times as you can. As of this morning, he has not received the bill.

There are many areas in the bill that are distasteful. I suggest that those of you who contact the Gov., choose one or two of them per letter or call. Short notes are more likely to be fully read.

Dear Gov Crist,
The bill falls way short of what most professional organizations require for membership. Without defining the standards of practice and ethical guidelines the bill does nothing more than require passing a course and exam. The vast majority of inspectors do not support this bill. Please research this thoroughly yourself. A small group of inspectors have decided to push a bill that supports their agenda. Their proposal has little to do with protecting the people of the state of Florida. The two largest professional organizations in the United States do not support this bill. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and The American Society of Home Inspectors are the two largest with the most inspector membership. Neither supports SB 2234. I implore you to please look closely at this legislation and compare it to the requirements of two of the more credible professional associations in the industry. We ask for your support in the form of a Veto of SB 2234.

Paul J. Magrone & Karen A. Magrone
Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone Inc.

By then (2010) old Charlie will most likely be dusting off his resume’ because if his first 100 days are any indication of what is to come, (failed tax reform, failed insurance reform, etc) it is very doubtful that Charlie will be doing the two-term-tango in Tallahassee.

Has anyone sent him a copy of Jeb’s veto language and a list of similarities between the two bills?

Only twice so far.

I just sent another email letter to the Gov. pointing out some of the inconsistencies and flaws in the bill. Do not know how many others are doing likewise. Frankly, this bill won’t effect me much if at all, probably actually help my business but it is going to hurt many others.

I’m probably in the same boat as you, Doug, but I also have a strong aversion to the government being a “partner” in my business any more than they are already…

I’m sure that once licensing comes into effect, you will find it to be a gradually diminishing intrusion much the same as they have in New York.:wink:

Yeah, I’ll have to carry two licenses then. You don’t think the county will drop theirs, do you?

Once the government gets their hooks in, whether state, county or federal, they don’t get them out. :twisted:

I agree 100% on gov’t involved in our business. It never gets better, only worse. Just imagine the cluster if they finally do figure out the problems this creates and tries to “fix” it with more tweaking by people who know nothing about HI business. It will be so fouled up you won’t be able to get a screwdriver on the end of it.