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The Sto eUpdates newsletter is published on a periodic basis to let you know what new information you can find on the website.[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=2]StoGuard Installs up to 3 Times Faster than Sheet Wraps
In a recent time study, StoGuard, the spray-on building wrap, was found to install up to three times faster than spun-bond olefin sheet wraps. This can mean up to 70% labor cost savings. The complete time study report and flyer are available for download from the Sto Corp. website
Click here for more informationNew! Sustainable Design with StoTherm NExT Sales Sheet efficiency and overall durability are two important factors in sustainable design. This new sales sheet describes how StoTherm NExT EIFS with the StoGuard spray-on waterproofing / air barrier reduces the energy required to heat and cool buildings, while helping to extending their life by protecting against moisture damage and mold.

Sustainable Design with StoTherm NExT
5 Facts Every Architect Should Know About Sto Sto is proud to be the world’s largest EIFS manufacturer, and we want you to know why Sto claddings are the high performance choice for your next project. Energy efficient claddings, the best warranties in the industry, and superior support and service are just a few of the reasons that more people worldwide choose Sto
5 Facts Every Architect Should Know about Sto



]( Cladding is Right for You?
Sto offers three superior cladding choices: StoTherm NExT EIFS, StoPowerwall NExT Stucco, and StoQuik Silver NExT Cement Board Stucco. This comparison sheet will help you decide which cladding is right for your project.
What Cladding is Right for You?LEED Product Assessment White Paper Sto Products can contribute to earning LEED points in several categories. This white paper provides a detailed explanation of how.
LEED Product Assessment White Paper
Sto Bucket Drumming Contest you drum? Do you know someone who likes to drum? Enter the 2008 Sto Bucket Drumming video contest on Enter your short video of bucket drumming with Sto buckets online at Winners will receive up to $1500! Entries are due by August 1st 2008.
Click here for contest instructions and rules
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