Fibertite roofing Membrane

How many in the South and East Coast are familiar with this roofing system?

Haven’t come across it yet.

They claim it has been out for 30 years and wonder about it’s performance and longevity.

Thanks in advance.

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“FiberTite® Versus TPO: Rooftop Performance that Beats the Test of Time”

if they say it, it must be true… right?

Seriously though, haven’t seen it. Sorry

Seaman Corp., based out of Florida, I believe.

They sort of were the predassesor to Duro-Last roofing membrane. From what I have heard, even as long as 20 + years ago, it is a good single ply membrane. I used to have a comparison sheet, but that was years ago, so I don’t remember if Duro-Lasts marketing sold directly against them. I think not, because anything that could have been said negatively about an extremely similar product, would have also been ammo against them, if I remember correctly.

Slightly different chemical make-up, but I don’t think it is a TPO.

Check out the roofing material guide put out by the NRCA.

Basically, what I am saying without having 1st hand experience with that actual named brand product, is that I believe it holds up very well. Everything is conditional on the installers hot air seam welding abilities though.

Is this just a general question, or one specific to an inspection you must do?


Thanks Guys,
Ed this is just a general question and one could call it education, so if I do see it, I will recognize it right away.
Being associated with Commercial roofing all the time, something like this always picks up my interests, if you know what I mean.
I am the answer guy for my Company more or less, so have to stay on top of it. ha. ha.

Always interested in different roofing Products anyways.
It is a Product that meets the Green Reflectivity, and this is the wave of the future coming up.

Thanks for your help.

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Here is a discussion thread I discoverd by Googling Duro-Last vs. Fibertite.

I was correct, from reading partially way through the thread. At the earliest stages, Seaman Corp. produced the scrim for the Duro-Last membrane. C-Ply from Bond Cote was one of their first privately labeled membranes sold under the D-L brand name.

Seaman saw the success of the D-L membrane, and followed up with integrating an elvaloy pvc coating as the scrim plasticiser membrane.

D-L now in house makes its components and accessories. Fibertite is not a custom fit membrane, uniquely ordered on a per job basis as is D-L, but with 20’ x 100’ sheets, seam quantity would tend to be low in the first place.


I’ve seen a little of this, on a couple of commercial hi-rise upgrades, and on some new condos in the area. Haven’t seen any older installs around here. Talked to the builder of the condos, and his company does a lot of big commercial stuff, and he swears by it. By all appearances, it’s durable stuff just like they say…about the only way it can be scewed up is with a bad install…imagine that. Like all similar materials, it’s gotta be prepped and laid down right and seamed correctly.