Stone siding Veneer

This is the first time I have come across this type of ‘stone’ veneer. Not seen that much by me in NY. Would like to educate myself with your knowledge of this veneer.
What is the name of this type veneer? There is no weep screed which is usually seen on stone applications for siding. Does this just get installed with mortar on possibly a wire mesh? How does it drain moisture - if any even gets through.
What ever opinions or knowledge would greatly be appreciated, doing my report tomorrow morning. I pulled at it from the sides and a few stones and it was secured to the wall pretty good.

Faux brick application instructions is what you’re looking for. Google it… I can’t right now.

Great. Thanx

Could you let us know what you came up with??

hard to tell from pix
i do see some signs of stratification and what appear to be semicircular sawn edges leading me to believe it’s natural stone, op should have determined this onsite
possibly improperly installed stone or if adhered manufactured stone veneerit’s also improperly installed no drip edge/weep screed visible

I explained that it is a veneer wall and although unable to verify the technique used to install it, there should be a vapor barrier over the wood sheathing and then mortar and metal lathe installed that the veneer is attached to. There was no weep screed on the bottom that assists in drainage. Seal all openings around windows and door to prevent moisture intrusion behind the veneer.