stove breaker

1950’s home with no 40 Amp breaker in panel box. Gas range & oven. kVA rating not visible on unit. Are most gas range/oven units less than 8.75 kVA?

Notes: Panel has one 30 Amp breaker for the clothes dryer. The rest are 20 Amp and are not labeled. 100 Amp main breaker.

Absolutely. If the applaince is all gas the electrical draw is minimal.

i guess i am wondering why you are worried about the KVA on a gas range…gas would mean no electrical needed for its function…unless it has an ignitor which can be on the counter top circuit.

I was concerned about the panel box not having a 40 Amp breaker for an electric stove (past or future) and wanted to confirm my thoughts regarding gas stoves.

Thanks for the input.

If a gas range is installed there is no reason to run an electric range line to the location.
Unless of course the owner/installer wanted to leave their options open for later. This would definitely be the exception rather than the rule though.

It kinda pretty common with some home have a option having either eletric range or gas fired range.

some case it is easier just run the new range circuit and leave it there in future the HO will have the choice either use the gas or electric range as long the gas piping is there.

as this is my option it may echo with other guy’s comments as well it pretty much SOP for me to run a new range circuit when i upgrading the system and the cost wise is not a huge differnce but it will really save alot of " headache " at later time when the HO deiced to change it at later date without tearing into the wall [unless remodeling the kitchen then it is diffrent story ]

Merci, Marc

P.S. i genreally dont touch the gas system i leave this to qualifed contractor whom dealt with this system due the gas code effect there.

I lived in several homes in Md (natural gas country) and none of them were wired for 240v electric appliances. I didn’t see an electric water heater or range until I came to Florida. My relatives in Oklahoma even had gas refrigerators.

:eek: Gas powered refigerators for home ?? jezz they must be bigger than the travel trailer sized unit.

Honestelly i dont recall the last time i did see a gas fired refidgeators in the home at all.

if there is a market for it. it will be good place is vaction house where dont have any normal electrical power system at all.

Merci, Marc

They had a gas lease on the property and got the gas for free.

With dual fuel ranges being the rage we always run a range circuit in custom homes. Can’t speak for the tract homes, never wired one!
We have a dual fuel range ourselves, 2 electric ovens with a gas top. It’s not a Viking or anything but my wife loves it.

In a custom home, and most every home for that matter, I run circuits based on what I am told is going in.

And no, I do not wire tract homes.

The range circuit, if not on the print, is brought up to the owner. When you explain the advantage, they amost always opt for one. Extras like this make everyone happy, including u$. Keep in mind my customer base is about 90% high end.

Don’t you sell upgrades to the original plan for added profit and customer satisfaction?

Like 3 ways, 4 ways, more cans, extra garage/shop circuits, central vac, decorator devices etc etc.

Absolutely. I just think an electric range line installed where a gas range is being used is an unnecessary upgrade. If there is ANY uncertainty whether gas will be used I definitely do suggest the electric line regradless.
Keep in mind, most homes here have full basements, or nice crawl spaces, so running circuits later is not a big deal.

Most of my jobs are as-built using a walk-through with the customer. I rarely have to follow prints on residential jobs.