30 amp stove/oven breaker

I know I’ve posted about this before, but can’t find the info. Just as easy typin a new post, than using the Search feature.
Anyway, can a 30 amp breaker be used with a stove/oven? I typically see 40 and 50. Manufacturer requirements?

Thanks in advance.

One thing I have learned is that just because a breaker is labeled does not necessarily mean it is correct. I find mislabeled breakers all the time so now I check to see what circuit t is actually protecting.
In answer to your question; typically an electric range will require breaker protection higher than 30 amps. You will need to check the manufacturers’ plate, usually on the side of the storage drawer frame.

What does the name plate on the appliance say?

I didn’t check any data plates… just a regular ole’ stove/oven. What would you say?

I’ve seen cook tops on 30…full range only see 50 here

Is there any harm in having the circuit on a 30 … other than nuisance tripping?

No unless the conductors are even smaller, like under 10 gauge.