Strand aluminum wiring on 40amp for range, 40amp for heat and 25 amp for ac

House built in 2013 had strand aluminum wiring on several breakers. Is this a code issue?

I always write up aluminum but I don’t know that I’ve seen it in such a new home before

No. But the AL wire needs to be 1 size larger than the copper wire should be.


Cooper is getting expensive so they are switching to aluminium for the multi-strand wires to save a buck or two…

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Stranded aluminum conductors have never really been a problem it’s the old solid aluminum conductors that had issues. As Larry stated with aluminum you’ll need larger conductors when compared to copper.


FYI pretty close to 100% of all transmission lines are stranded aluminium! There is no concern at all, as long as the proper gauge is used.


I see aluminum wire often in homes of this period. Copper was running at all time highs in 2013. Builders were having to station security guards on job sites because thieves would come and cut off all the copper and cash it in at the recycling place. Even today, when you want to recycle copper pipe you have to give a whole bunch of information about yourself and where the copper came from.