Stranded copper in breaker box.

Is stranded (not solid) copper wire allowed when making connections in the breaker box? Hopefully the picture will load and you can see the wires.
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I don’t see a problem, but I am Canadian. :wink: The only thing I would have done is twisted the ends of the strands to keep them together and clean so they don’t fray under the screw as shown in your photo. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

Stranded is okey dokey.

One caveat to be aware of concerning stranded wires in a breaker panel is to be on the look out for those times when the diameter of the wire is too large to fit into the lug and some clever little spud decides to “trim” some of the strands off to make it fit.

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As long as the stranded wire is not from an extension chord.

Homemade Extension cords in the attic%between%

Thank you everyone for your answers.

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isn’t there different lugs for stranded wire??

There are different lugs for “fine stranded wire” but this refers to the very fine wire you use for battery cables and such. It becomes a problem in photovoltaic arrays where this type of wire can be used.The regular THHN/THWN style wire can be used in normal lugs.

thanx Greg, for clearing that up. i knew i’d seen “strand wire lugs” in supply houses, but was unsure of there use.

Answered my question today…Search and you shall find.