Multiple lugs for one large stranded conductor

I saw a strange termination today at the main panel. A stranded conductor was terminated using several lugs.

I have found a ton about how multiple conductors can only terminate on lugs identified multiple conductors. But I cannot find anything specifically stating that this would not be allowed.

Here is the narrative I am using:
A large conductor had multiple strands that terminated at multiple lugs on the bus. This is an unusual configuration and it is possible that lugs are not rated for this. This condition should be fully evaluated by a qualified electrical contractor.

Any thoughts on this?

Note: I have also called out the lug above where two grounded conductors terminated under a single lug.

You are correct in calling it out. Splitting stranded wire is not allowed.


Eugene, if one or more of the lugs came loose there could be a more serious condition, also, because a few strands are not sufficient to handle the load that may be put on them…IMHO.


Good point Larry.

Wires not properly terminated.

Period. Your jobs is to find defects - not explain them.



You are saying too much. It isn’t right. There is no need for anyone to evaluate it. It needs to be fixed.