Strange looking insulation

What in the world is this white looking insulation???

Why do you believe it to be insulation? Did you feel/smell/burn/taste it? :wink:

I always taste It even when within the crawlspace;) :smiley:

Ha-ha-ha-ha :smiley:

I was curious as I have found baking soda sprinkled in attics and crawls to mask odors (usually find the empty box in a corner):shock: Difficult to see in the photos, but thought that may be a possible answer.

I was just being a Smart Butt my humor for the evening. It is snow; the storm that hit Tenn last evening had snow and strong winds on its back side. Shingle were shake and had some problems at the ridges and valley’s snow blowed in every where.

Damn… shoulda went with my first thought! It looked like snow, but I took you seriously and thought that if it was, you would know. Got me! :smiley:

Can’t see for sure from the pictures, but is that possibly some type of fungus? It seems to closely relate to the wood scraps and framing members.

Sorry In Okla we say Gottcha;)

I should send a truck load of that white stuff just so you guys can get familiar with it, we (Toronto Canada) have been hit with about 25"+ in the last 2 days.

. . . and its not insulation!

Steve Blayney

Snow is actually a very good insulator, until it melts!:mrgreen:

I would have seen this earlier ,if I was not so busy shoveling all the snow that fell here .

You can have it would rather crawl into a sewer pipe without my arms than to walk in snow:( Anyone that likes that white crap their elevator does not go to the top floor:mrgreen:

It is very hard to ski with out it though

Not at all a big lake with 80 degree water (Liquid) works well.:slight_smile:

*Note, not advisable to taste test if cold, white substance is yellow in color, but it is ok to “write” your name in it when it is white. :mrgreen:

We got a lot of that “strange looking insulation” coming down right now up here. mebbee a C130 blew open a door or sumpin and it’s fallin’ all over the place.:mrgreen:
Ya think we should get a buncha peeples together and maybe bag and ship this stuff back where it belongs…to maybe SoCal or Florida?:mrgreen:

Brian Jones

Yes and the flat landers up here have to ski behind a snow machine.