Strike plates

I’m doing a phase inspection and noted multiple electrical conductors almost at the edge of the stud but on the exterior side, well under 1"1/4. This is a first for me. Styrofoam sheathing insulation has been installed and brick veneer will come next. Would you note strike plates are needed in those locations as the guys who will be nailing the brick ties will not know what’s behind? I will post a pic when I get back to my office.

Yes !!!

Thanks for your answer Roy.
Here is a photo.

Thanks just confirmed what you said before …Plate needed… Roy

Judging from the photo it’s a little late to be installing the plates. Maybe the only option now is to rip out the cable and re-drill the holes in the proper location.

Will, that is very sloppy rough in work, as is very typical of wood stud framing. That wall should not be passed for cover up without metal plates.