Write It up or not?

Wiring from a sub panel lacked nail plates, any opinions if you should write this up from a home inspector stand point?

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Ok…I will let YOU answer your own question…( trust me it will be fun )

1.) Can you see this as a possible safety concern IF the homeowner finishes off the area and a nail could be driven into the wires?

While it is a violation of the NEC if the cable is within 1 1/4" from the edge of the wood stud.

To determine if it should be written up…ok not withstanding it is a “CODE” violation if the hole is less than 1 1/4" from the edge…take that as a given since HI’s are not “CODE” officials…

Now…you have to look at the area, is it in an area likely to be finished off, is their a possible chance someone could sheet rock the area or finish it off…if YES to any of those…MOST certainly write it in the report to if anything let the BUYER know that IF they plan on finishing the area off they will need nail plates to protect the wires…thats just part of giving the buyer good information…and it makes you look good as well…

And BTW…is a $ 1.50 fix…:slight_smile:

I guess I should have given a little more info about my question…

1 ) Yes it would be a safety concern if the home owner finishes it.
2) I know its a NEC violation.
3) Yes any area can be finished off with drywall.

What a fun game.

Do not feel bad you learned a little bit more and many more learned too.
Roy Cooke sr

OK, I dont feel bad anymore, I slept on it…
Point is my clients should understand that they will have to install plates before the ever finish they’re garage, and a Home Inspector should call this to your clients attention…

EXCELLENT…NOW you know that was FUN…Answered your OWN question and I am sure the client will THANK YOU for it…:slight_smile: