Strong relationships with offices

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  1. The InterNACHI member shall not: [LIST=a]
    [li]have any disclosed or undisclosed conflict of interest with the client;[/li][li]accept or offer any disclosed or undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits, or other benefit from real estate agents, brokers, or any third parties having financial interest in the sale of the property; or[/li][li]offer or provide any disclosed or undisclosed financial compensation directly or indirectly to any real estate agent, real estate broker, or real estate company for referrals or for inclusion on lists of preferred and/or affiliated inspectors or inspection companies.[/li][/LIST]
    From International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

LOL Jeffrey. I sponsor sales meetings all the time! I think there is an ethics course somewhere that you can take.

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Of course not! That would be unethical.

They are correct, Jeff. There is nothing in our COE that would prohibit any of these marketing tactics. For many years, I have participated in them as well.

People who don’t do this are not entrepreneurs they are only home inspectors. Not a bad thing but as an entrepreneur I want to grow my business and make money, so I also do this all the time.