Glazed Block - What is it?

I found these funny looking glazed blocks being used in the foundation and as piers in the crawlspace. What are they and can they be used as structural members? I don’t think they can as they are hollow structures. They look like ceramic liners found in chimneys other than they are glazed and have ornate impressions on the exterior. Help!

Never seen those, but obviously anything turned sideways in that manner is a bad idea.

I agree write this up good find… Roy… Looks like it could be a chimney tile???

Thanks Sean & Roy. You confirm my thoughts. This place built in 1905 and added on several times. Somewhere along the way they used these “things” to replace masonry blocks in the foundation and for an array of uses in the crawl.

Thanks Again!

It could be structural clay block, “speed tile”. Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be on its side like that.

Looks like regular CMU with a terracotta glazing.

I would consider it as CMU for the report as well.

Yeap, terracotta glazing. I’m guessing they’re terra cotta/clay blocks.