Structural Concern?

A couple floor joists were cut of duct runs. How concerning is this issue?

I’m sorry but you really should know the answer to this yourself as an inspector.

Enough that you should recommend further eval from an engineer. Now if it was done with permits they may have already cleared it?. BUT I doubt it.

An engineer is not required for this, just a licensed contractor.
The repair would have to performed under a permit of course and examined by a municipal inspector.

Thank you. That’s what I figured. I was looking for reassurance of whether to recommend a structural engineer or not.

Agreed, and I did. To clarify I should have worded the question better. I wanted to know weather it was necessary to recommend an engineer or not.

Thanks for clarifying, quite a different question in that case!

I would not call for an SE for this.
A licensed contractor should be sufficient.

Now if they were engineered joists that would be another kettle of fish.

And btw you want to use “whether” not weather. Words are important.

Relax, you’ll do fine. It takes some a little longer to grasp when and who to refer the issue to. Don’t stop asking your questions. :slight_smile:

Who do you think the licensed contractor is going to have to call if permits are required for that in your area? Who decides what is good enough to repair or replace.

Hell I am a Contractor and can’t do hardly squat without getting an engineer or architect.

I went to get a permit to FILL IN a window not enlarge one little bit. Anything I did would be stronger than the window “just about” I first tried to get a permit as a Owner they said no. Then I said ok I want to do this as a G.C guess what they said. Go get a engineer or architect to sign off on what you want to do. If they are going to do that how about I do the smart thing and let them design it as opposed to someone who has never filled in a window.

Are both ends of the cut joist(s) supported by foundation walls?

Come on here no one thinks whoever does the work if they do it as per their areas guidelines will not have to pay for the services of a engineer or architect.

I will bet a dinner and drinks to any 1 person out there that thinks I am wrong in Dania Beach, Fl.

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Usually a R&R repair is performed by the contractor without engineering. If there is an alteration or retrofit on a structural member, engineering is required. At least that is the way in my area.

Yes, Mikey, that alteration to your window requires engineering. Anything other than exact replacement on the exterior envelope usually requires an engineered approval.

F-cked up if you as me :slight_smile:

I do not think I could make it weaker. Well now I could but before the sound mitigation it was just an ole cheap Florida crank handle window that leaked air like no tomorrow.

So what would you call his situation to be? I do not think the most cost effective way would be an exact replacement if even possible.

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If there is an additional joist right behind that one, resting on a sill plate or if that one rests on a sill plate, it is fine.