Structural engineers

When you guys recommend having a S.E. evaluate something, do you give a list of engineers in the area? Or just tell the client to find their own? I have an out of state client that would like some help, but I don’t want to appear shady. Also, where can one find them, besides a phone book? Thanks in advance.

I hear the New York Licensing Board is full of them.:wink:

I have used the same firm for years and I have no problem what so ever in recommending them as they are as professional as they come.

They where referred to me by another professional associate of mine connected to another business I own so I had a good referral.


You’re funny!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You can refer them to the Kansas State Board Of Technical Professions ( ) who can not only provide names but validate licenses and previous offenses. Or you can send them to the Kansas Society Of Professional engineers ( ) who maintains a roster.

Thanks E. That is what I was looking for.

I go with the same policy I use when people ask me for referrals for peoples in the trades. I don’t recommend anybody to remain impartial. If anything, refer them to the department in the state that govern licensing of engineers. Let them do some homework and make the choice who to retain.

peter: who do you use? a southern nh firm?