Tell me what do you guys think a structural engineer needed

Need some inputs on this

100_0277 (Small).JPG

100_0274 (Small).JPG

inadequate support (Small).JPG

prior repair on floor joist sagging (Small).JPG

Earl, in your opinion, is a structural engineer the right call, or a foundation specialist (read mason) that can come in and put in a proper pier system?

It doesn’t need analysis. It needs work.

Needs repair or replacement by qualified person .
Let some one else make that decision.
I just know it is not right and needs fixing.
Roy sr

i’d call out an S.E, he’ll recommend the right fix, and what ever you do, DON’T REMOVE THAT SCREWDRIVER. the whole house will fall.:mrgreen: :cool:

When I’m under a house like that, I think about the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz…the one that got squished when Dorothy’s house fell on her. I’m afraid my foot will accidentally kick the wrong thing and the headlines will read “Home inspector killed by house.”

Earl…you been inspecting my POSs?


Hey where did my furniture go, and my TV and my office is gone. Hey guys now this is not nice how am I going to book inspections. Please return the stuff.

Opps my mistake wrong house, my stuff is stiil here.

Qualified contractor. SE will just burn up their money and the result will be the same -Kent

Tear down and start over in my opinon. SE in this case will cost you a fortune and will recommend the same. Think of the loggical remedies, to replace the framing and the foundation supports you would have to jack up the building and do all the work from underneath. Not knowing what the dwelling looks like but the framing, I would suggest tear down.
As a Home Inspector, I guess I would report what I see and explain verbally to the client what is involved and let them decided what they want to do. As Roy C. would say, write everything and talk alot or something like that. Educate the Client and let them make the decision.


i’d LOVE to see a pic of a house that has fallen off it’s blocks, all by it’s self. i’ve seen 'em lean, and be off a little, but i want to have a pic of one with one side all the way to the ground and one side still up, anyone got one???

no, but I am waiting on a few.

waiting on a few pics? or waiting on a few to fall?:wink:


there are a lot of very good inspectors on this board that started out asking (silly):roll: questions. One person I can think of asked a lot of what seem now to be silly questions about FPE panels and now I would consider him an expert on the subject.



You must be one skinny guy to get that tight a shot.
It looks like an old house - 60 or so, but untreated wood less than 18" from the ground is always a concern. Also looks like there is WDO damage, needs a new vapor barrier installed, and PROFESSIONAL repairs.


Marcel took the words out of my mouth. I wouldn’t bother with tearing it down though, a bull dozer will do it quicker and more efficiently.
There are some things that are just not worth putting money into.

This was a old home very low crawlspace. I’m a small guy so I can fit in most crawlspace. There was still some areas I couldn’t get to.

Why would you recommend a structural engineer when its patently obvious to any experienced inspector that what is needed is immediate repair? What is an engineer going to be able to tell you other then to agree with the findings of the inspection?

Don’t waste your cients money. Tell them to get a qualificed contractor to carry out repairs.