Structural Cracks

Thank you Tamera! I go by this often. Better safe than sorry.

Thank you Lon, I appreciate the information you have provided. I have been exposed to many settlement cracks and this one appeared to be more than that in my opinion. Especially being no gutter system to provide proper drainage. It may or may not be more than settlement. However, because structural damage can be subjective, I believe in this instance, that a professional engineer should be involved and the client can get a better evaluation of what may be going on here. Sure, I could have only reported these as settlement cracks and have a professional contractor repair them, however, as you can see there have been previous repairs before. There are Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and step cracks. Though some of these are not severe, this appears to be an ongoing issue in my opinion. After consideration and everyone’s opinion (Which I very much appreciate), I will reach out to the engineer (if the client chooses to use one) to see what his conclusion is. Though not large, or maybe even an immediate concern, they may become an issue in the future. I appreciate your response, everyone’s responses and the information in which you have provided. I will definitely use the information, which I have observed here, in the future regarding calling out possible structural and settlement problems.