Structural/Foundation questions….

The back corner of the garage foundation was leaning outward/seperating. The rear wall was poured separately it looked like than the side wall. Is that common? If yes what would be done to prevent such a thing normally some sort of fastener along the top? The questions are from me not client.

Also at the same home I attached photos of the chimney leaning forward and separating. Curious if this would be mostly because of the gutter dropping water at this location (as does that garage foundation section) or bad work or both? Just curious.

I observed a lot of settlement issues. At corners of concrete floor in basement, front corners of garage floor, and items in pics. Would this be just poor prep work as far as ground? House is 8yrs old. Empty for 2……

Not sure why my photos went sideways… Sorry.

That chimney is a disaster waiting to happen.


Its not common to pour the garage wall separate. Depending on the estimated wall pressure external metal straps bolted on may prevent further movement or and exterior buttress wall maybe needed.

The chimney likely has an inadequate footing, poor compaction or soft soil due to excessive water or a combination of all three. It may be possible to jack up and extend the chimney footing, but that will depend on the which of the issues mentioned caused the problem in the first place.

Thank You!

Like Randy said.

That Home has serious problems. From that chimney, foundation wall, stone installation, window installation, flashing on the chimney, all represents the quality of the rest of the structure built.
I would have taken that place apart just looking at it.

Hope you wrote hard on that one.

Is this an acceptable shim in a new construction home? :neutral:

I drove by the other day and this is what I saw… No clue how it ended up this way but anyway……

Looks like the chimney was taken down.
Not much evidence of stone anchor ties either. Maybe it fell down. :wink:

Judging from the pass through the Wood stove chimney was not supported correctly. It may have been taller then 5 feet above the roof. It may have leaked at the flashing. Since it was done wrong,
take it down and start all over.