Structural or roofing?

I posted in both cause it involves trusses and rafters. A roof is sagging about 1.5" the sag is about 3 or 4 feet wide, attic inspection shows there is a 2X6 rafter placed between doubled up trusses on either side. Referred it to an engineer, because whatever was intended does not seem to working, but not being a carpenter or engineer, I am wondering why someone would do this? Builder built home 2006.

Maybe room for a chimney that never came to fruition would be a guess. Hard to say what he had in mind.

I notice the doubled trusses on either end which is also odd.

I think Larry is onto something.

Does there happen to be a 4x4 skylight directly opposite on the other side of the roof? Most truss designs will have a doubled up girder truss on either side of an opening. Either there’s a skylight or the plan called for one and they decided to get rid of it at some point during construction. The framer just used this 2x6 to frame a rafter on the opposite side, which without any additional bracing is just not strong enough.