I came across a home today built in 1982. It had a stucco finish in some areas. At first I thought it was traditional stucco but as I was checking for a drip screed I reached down and felt something. It was a foam like material behind it. The stucco did not give when I pushed on it so I am confused as to what it is. Is it possible it is just some kind of insulation behind traditional stucco? Sorry I dont have any pictures but I broke my camera on this inspection before I was able to take any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you tap on EIFS it will sound hollow. It may not give any by just pushing on it.

It sounded pretty solid when I knocked on it with a screw driver. I have never seen EIFS so I really have nothing to compare it to.

Stucco/EIFS inspection course.

Not abusing you here , but always take at least 2 cameras and get a good phone that takes them also.

EIFS is common and like said above sounds hollow if tapped with a screw driver handle.
It basically is Styrofoam with mesh and drivid material on the surface.This will seem like a plaster/cement mix with sort of a popcorn ceiling appearance.

No pictures and you are gone so we can only help you with the future.

Next time if not sure you need to maybe open an outlet box ,and see that way what is inside the exterior wall surface, as that sometimes helps.
Many franchise stores use Drivid .

I usually have two cameras but was caught a little off guard today when I got the call for the inspection and forgot it, but it does me no good if it is at home. Also no outlets on areas with the stucco. Is there any reason to have foam behind traditional stucco as there was in this case though? That is what I cant figure out. Everything points to traditional but the foam is throwing me off.

Could it be HYBIRD stucco???


STYROFOAM™ SIS™Brand Structural Insulated Sheathing can be used with non-proprietary stucco systems such as a generic three coat stucco. In fact, in such systems, STYROFOAM™ SIS™ being a water resistive barrier can act as the drainage plain behind the sacrificial water resistive barrier layer.

So it looks like it could be traditional 3 coat with a foam insulator behind it.

Good stuff Bob.

Allen try here to get your answer; Mr. Bad Stucco himself :smiley:

It could also be a 2 coat stucco system.

What was at the bottom of the wall to end the stucco?