I have a friend who had a home built in Windermere, Florida in 2006 by a well known builder. The stucco and paint that was applied over the concrete block structure and wood gables has started to crack excessively, especially at the front gable. The cracking was already sealed but I wanted to post some photos to get other inspectors input. The cracking does not appear to be typical and I noticed that the paint did not appear to be applied evenly. Any thoughts?






As for the cracks in the gable!

Fine sand in the base coat and they did not let it cure out before they put the finish on.

Stucco over block almot always cracks on the joints. Most likely it is very thin.

Is the a kickout diverter above the gutter in the 2nd picture that can not be seen in the picture? If not there needs to be one!

Where are the control joints needed real bad from the block to wood construction. Let alone other places.

Do sprinklers hit the walls on the lower parts?

Just enough paint for the builder to get his final payment!

And there are more issues! Anyone else?

One of these years they will start puting moisture barrier over the block parts as well and the lines will go away and the cracking on the mortar joints will also!

And the moisture problems will be reduced! Imo

The builder has come out to the home and stated that there is no problem there. I did not do an inspection on the home yet but want to be well prepared in the event that I do. You asked all good questions. I will be sure to look for those things when I get out there. I love this message board because of the many good inspectors that respond to the posts. I want to help this person get some recourse for the job that was done to her home. All input is appreciated.

Does the window and trim have flashing?

Ask if there is moisture barrier under the trim around the window in the gable!

And if so was it properly lapped with what the stucco contractor installed.

If you really want to know the truth to some of these questions go look at some houses he has in progress!

They do not change how they operate for the better until they are forced.

Flashing for the windows…for what?..:smiley:

It’s easier to build another home in a few years after the wall rots out then install flashing…:smiley:

This builder by the way is in a world of sh*t with the state of Arizona Registrar of Contractors…:smiley: :smiley:

Builders are asking me for a million dollars in insurance with a million in excess liability to keep me off their sites…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Picky picky picky!:stuck_out_tongue: Those builders would be money ahead if they bought you out!

If we are going that far ask the builder if there is 2 layers of moisture barrier under the stucco on the wood framed parts of the house!

There isn’t any moisture barrier from what I can see in the shrinkage around the trim, simply styrofoam.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors is making them rip the stucco off “MANY” homes in this subdivision…:smiley: :smiley:

Oh…and also another subdivision with a different builder, they forgot to apply 3/8 of material (oh oh…:twisted: )

My goodness they hate me for some reason…:shock: …:smiley:

It might have something to do with you pointing it out???

And it is gonna cost someone a bunch of money!

They might also keep looking at those builders and go back even further!

And watch them in the future!

Then what?


Stucco regardless of what application is used, if applied/installed correctly there should not be any problems as you well know being a stucco contractor all your life.

For the life of me I cannot figure out what is so hard about simply installing it correctly.

Flashing seems to be some sort of rocket science to most builders, damn if I can figure that out.


It would really help alot if the codes officials and their inspectors would enforce the codes!

Alot of stucco jobs all over the counrty will fail due to what the carpenters have done and gotten away with, before the stucco contractors of today get to the job!

And there are alot of bad stucco contractors!

No one gives a crap!

Everything you need to know about stucco and this is the best price I’m aware of

“Flashing seems to be some sort of rocket science to most builders, damn if I can figure that out.”

time and material!

ain’t busting the budget on some stinking metal crap that ain’t on the plans and ain’t spending more time than i’ve had to in the past. them illegal’s wages are skyrocketing to what we paid tradesmen back in '75, '85, '95, '05 and these home inspectors want us to train folks that don’t savey our lingo

i’ll bet the bond is bad look at the moisture retention/efflorescence at the cracks


if the mortar joints in the block telegraph through the base/scratch coat was not applied thick enough, aka construction application defect

If they used OSB on the gable did they space it the 1/8 inch on all sides per mfgrs. specs?

It could be expanding making the stucco crack more if it has gotten wet.