Student Discussion: How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections Course

Starting this course, will return here if I have any questions or concerns.


I am ready to get started on this course.

All done with the electrical. off to have some more fun on another course Jeremy PA

Getting started on electrical. How electrifying!..(Sorry couldn’t resist the dad joke)


And for a first post, too, Levell…LOL!

Welcome to the forum!

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Here I go, starting my next course! Get 'er done!

Starting the course, looking forward to the learning.

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Good Evening from Arizona! I am almost done with this course, just started working on my essays.


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starting this course today, looking forward to it!

Excited to be here. One question if someone accidentally uploads an inspection essay into the research essay spot how would one fix that mistake?

Ask at for that answer, Robert.

I have been involved in designing, installing residential electrical components for about 20 years. This course spurred by mind to things that seem to be second nature and renewed my thought process.

Hello, hope you are well. I am in the electrical inspection course now. I was wondering if there are any example inspection reports that students have access to? really liking the courses so far!

Hello. You will do well. I am just beginning this course as well. wish me luck.

I have found a wasp nest inside of an electrical panel. What is the recommended course of action as this is a potential personal safety hazard? What would you recommend as far as correction or as far as the inspection itself? It is a dumb question but what would you do?

Starting this section, heard it was a big module for the course. Ready to knock it out

Starting Course Today…Woo Hoo!

starting another course love learning all the details of inspection Jeremy PA