Sub-contract Radon Test (Indianapolis to Seymour)

Why sub-contract your radon testing out to me?

  1. Radon licensing requires training, a test, and more money.
  2. It’s another license you have to keep continuing credits for.
  3. Continuous radon monitor cost $1,000 plus annual calibration test that cost $150.
  4. The going rate for radon testing is $125, but I only charge $100. So you can still make money on the radon test.
  5. I am a licensed primary radon tester in Indiana.
  6. The state also requires you submit your test results to them annually with the zip code. Just another thing you have to do.

Stop missing out on home inspections because you can’t perform radon testing. Sub-contract them out to me.

Call me at 877-342-6911.

What is your service area, how far will you go, and do you charge a destination fee for your two trips on top of the $100