Sub-Contract Radon Testing - Indianapolis

Why sub-contract your radon testing out to me?

  1. Radon licensing requires training, a test, and more money.
  2. It’s another license you have to keep continuing credits for.
  3. Continuous radon monitor cost $1,000 plus annual calibration test that cost $150.
  4. The going rate for radon testing is $125, but I only charge $100. So you can still make money on the radon test.
  5. I am a licensed primary radon tester in Indiana.
  6. The state also requires you submit your test results to them annually with the zip code. Just another thing you have to do.

In the end, if you don’t test at least 30 homes per year, it’s hard to justify the license and equipment.

Stop missing out on home inspections because you can’t perform radon test. Sub-contract them out to me.

Now! A word from our sponsor!:smiley:

Why would anyone subcontract testing out when they can simply rent a Radstar rs 800 for $100 per month? That is how I started just 3 short years ago. Today, I have 12 rs 300’s that go out 14 times per week or more. Think of the money you will lose subbing out this service. Do everything you can…yourself. The certifications are easy and radon testing will make money for you.

I’ve got 3 people I know of in KC that sub-contract radon for home inspectors.

1 is a termite inspector. He charges $70 and arranges p/up and delivery. Sends you the report which you forward. If you use him for the WDI inspection, he’ll charge $60 for each service (WDI and radon).

2 subs are agents, so they have supra-keys and can come and go without having a REA meet you at a set time to let you in, etc (in KC affiliates can get the supra key but the majority of agents supposedly don’t have the CBS code OR won’t give it out). The real estate board encourages them to never let an inspector be in a house on his own.

These subs work very well many times. You’re busy on the south side of town and this 1 house is on the far north side; you’re gonna go to Hot Springs over the weekend and how do you get the radon pulled out, etc, etc.