Sub Panel Ground?

How important is it to have the ground wire connected between condo units sub panels?

In Canada all sub panels require a ground going back to source of supply
( main Panel )

Extremely important. You need an effective, low impedance ground fault current path back to the source to clear a fault. If the grounds aren’t hooked up, should a hot wire touched the frame in an appliance, the whole grounding system would be 120 volts above earth/piping and can shock or even kill someone. Grounding/bonding is essential for fault clearing. Fault clearing is essential to life and property safety.


As important as staying alive…

Cant tell from the photo and obviously I was not there to inspect, but it seems extremely odd that this would have passed any electrical inspection. Is the feed cable in metallic consuit?

Now I wont comment on Joe’s “Consuit”…or his “cable” in a consuit…lol…sorry Joe I could not resist my friend…I knew what you meant.

It appears that what you have is Feeder MC (AL) and they are tapping the feeder for this panel (could be an after the fact tap and no inspection ever done) but if this is the case by not making that EGC [Equipment Grounding Conductor] connection to both the enclosure and to the other Feeder MC Cable continuing on down stream you have broken the chain of “reliability” and have no effective reliable fault current path.

The result of this improper wiring leaves potential metal parts that could become energized to remain energized, also making any OCPD [Overcurrent Protective Device] almost pointless beyond and including this enclosure.

Defer the entire setup to be reviewed by a Licensed Electrician.

Does this count:twisted:

It there a torque for twisting and light wrap?..:twisted::p:mrgreen:


Good one thanks Charlie .

Unfortunately no :frowning:

That in itself is a give away the panel is not to code.

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Thanks, I didn’t think so…I did defer panel to be reviewed by a Licensed Electrician.