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Subpanel was installed to a board under the floor joist in the basement requiring me to stand on a small 2 step ladder to inspect it. Are there requirements for the max height a sub-panel should be or is it the same as a main panel. Just don’t know how to word my report…Thanks in advance…

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six feet seven inches to the center of the handle of the highest disconnect be it breaker or fuse
240.24 Location in or on Premises.
(A) Accessibility. Overcurrent devices shall be readily accessible and shall be installed so that the center of the grip of the operating handle of the switch or circuit breaker, when in its highest position, is not more than 2.0 m (6 ft 7 in.) above the floor or working platform, unless one of the following applies:

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Thank you for your confirmation. I just did not know if it was different because it was a sub-panel.

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I will speak for Mr.Whitt because we are good friends. Just remember that regardless of being a main distribution panel or remote distribution panel; the principals still apply, those principals are that the height limit is on “OverCurrent” devices in Article 240 and where applicable switches per Article 404. Just remember that judging the component itself will help in determining which code requirement applies. In your case, the remote panel has switches and overcurrent devices that the height limit applies too and not just the panel itself.

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Missed you last week. Had some news I wanted to share with you. I start with the City of Greensboro on the 18th as an electrical inspector Level III. I will need to get a Level I in mechanical and plumbing so I can inspect change outs within two years but it will mean more money when I do.

At the age of 62 changing professions what do you think

Mr. Whitt, with the gentlemanly and insightful way you have aided many on this forum, I hope your new pursuits are nothing but blissful. Thank you and the best to you in all you do.

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My friend I missed you as well. As luck would have it I was called to Florida to be with a large collection of CEO’s from the Electrical Industry. These individuals have always inspired me as leaders of such large companies that I simply had to be apart of the event.

Exciting times my friend…You will do an amazing job and you know (not that you would ever need it) that I am here for you anytime…24/7 my friend. Many times teaching the NEC is different than getting out in the field and touching it as many inspectors who are great teachers sometimes need assistance with dealing with pushy electricians and customers and you know I have experience in that area of the profession. An Inspector walks the line of not getting in trouble with the building official by being too tough on contractors or not allowing intent versus the print if you know what I mean. So if you ever feel the need to bend my ear, yell at someone just to vent, just call me and yell at me…and not your jurisdiction. See I know how to handle friendship, You can yell at me, cuss me, and complain to me …but I will ALWAYS be your friend and understand where you are coming from.

I do miss seeing you and I hope you know my prayers are always with you and your family. You will be a leader in your department and as for the plumbing and mechanical certifications, I have those and don’t worry they are not tough classifications to obtain…you are a smart dude so you will have no trouble at all.

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