Main panel minimum height from floor?

What’s the minimum height requirement for a main distribution panel. I know the maximum height, but can’t find any information about minimum height from floor. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at a panel that was installed in a dining room knee wall 18" above floor. I know it’s an unsafe height, but need to know what code says.

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The NEC does not specify a minimum height, only the maximum height of 2 meters or 6’7" to to center of the operating handle.

Why do you feel that this height is an issue?

On anything other than a mobil home the panel must be above ground. In a mobil home the min is 24 inches off finish floor.

Now tell me that the NEC makes a lot of sense…no I did’t say that!!!
The devil made me do it??

Steve the IRC states 6ft 5in from floor or any applicable state or local code

Dennis, I think something is missing from that post…

WHAT:shock: …Shame on you…thehehehhe

thanks mike must be the heat

at 17" above floor, it can be easily damaged and children can easily access.

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I know the post is too old but i need help about that

Where was that stated in NEC ?

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Where was stated in NEC? because i couldn’t find it.

I know the post is too old but i need help about that.
Waiting for your soon reply.