Original panel now a sub panel

I have a 1960 build house; the original panel is now a subpanel off a new main panel (installation date unknown). In my opinion the 2 connections on the “subpanel” shown with the arrow and the circled area should be removed to isolate the neutral and the EGC. Your opinions or questions please.

Correct. The panel now requires that the neutrals be isolated from the enclosure. The egc’s must remain bonded (connected to) the enclosure.


It also gets more confusing than that when someone has the GEC (Grounding Electrode Conductor) located now in the remote distribution panel and not in the service equipment enclosure because now a GEC has to be established at the new upstream service disconnection means location.

In that image I have to be honest…what the heck is that conductor from the lug to the mounting screw of the bus doing (Arrow)…just seems strange to me as that bus already looks connected to that bus where grounded conductors are located…but then again I will chalk it up to my poor old vision and diabetes.

Anyway…just remember they need to establish the grounding electrode system at the service location and not in this new remote distribution panel location. While it probably already exists in this old panel…it now has to exist in the new service panel.

of course their are other issues in that panel…but not part of the requested info.

That now looks like a jumper improperly doubled in the lug and going to a mounting screw for the neutral bar.

Some older panels were only suitable for use as service equipment. There was no means to unbond the neutral from the enclosure.

Thank you Gentlemen