Subpanel code distance from main panel

Any code for distance ? From one panel to the other ?

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A feeder can be any length. Some visible violations in the photo.


Elaborate more please. :roll_eyes:

Start with that 4 11/16" box being too small.

Pretty rude response for someone who obviously doesn’t know what they are doing. Try being grateful for any help you can get.


Personally I have never seen a box under and panel, remote or main distribution panel?
Rules, Robert?

It is just a pull box. They would have done better to use an LB or a gutter. The problem is the box has a rated fill and the wire has a bend radius. I dont know the size of the wire from my phone but like Robert alluded to, it looks large for that installation.

Conductors #4 and larger, use a different set of sizing rules based on the conduit sizes and minimum distance between conduits to preserve bend radius. This varies on the type of pull, but varies between 6 or 8 times the conduit size.

If anyone wants to dig deeper into what Jim is referring to here is a good starting point:

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I did not meant to be rude. I am super happy with everyone responses. I was just trying to dig more into the problem.

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:+1: sometimes text is vague.

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Not that I am aware of. And, remember, we are not code inspectors.


As Jim stated there are 6X and 8X rules for box sizing once the conductors are #4 or larger. The distance between the raceways for an angle pull is 6X the trade size of the conduit. Looks like 1.5" EMT so that would mean that the distance between the raceways need to be a minimum of 9". This allows for the conductors to be installed without damaging them.

Also that appears to be a compression EMT connector that connects the box to the sub-panel (same as the one on the main panel). I don’t see a locknut so I’m not sure how they even installed it possibly with the body of the connector inside the box. I can’t see the conductor size but even at 60% fill that EMT nipple may be too small.

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Here what I get from EC&M.
# Sizing Junction Boxes
The sizing requirements for pull boxes, junction boxes, handhole enclosures, and conduit bodies exist to prevent conductor insulation damage. Those requirements are in National Electrical Code - (NEC) Article (314.28). This applies to all conductors 4 AWG and larger.
Pulls and Junction Boxes; Straight Pulls, Angle Pulls as in the OP thread and U Pulls.

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When I see installations like this, I take extra time inspecting all the electrical.


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Thank you all for the help!!!

Thank you everyone for the help.

Almost impossible to remove the cable, damaged everywhere.

I think the cable was oversized for the installation.

#2 cable !

Yes, since that’s a 100 amp OCPD in the panel on the right could have been #3. Looks like I can read #2/0 in one of the photo’s which is good for 175 amps. Also with some of the damage you can see why there are rules for sizing pull boxes. I’m taking a victory lap for getting the compression EMT connector into the sub-panel right. :grinning:

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