Successful Strategies for Making a Logo Memorable

In earlier articles I have noted that the triangle-over-text roof and simple house silhouette by themselves do not make for successful logos. In logo design the most simple solution isn’t always the best because everyone else already thought of it. It’s difficult for people to remember your specific company name when your logo is similar to 10 other local home inspectors, house painters, realties, and construction companies.

However, there are ways of integrating home images into new forms that are specific and unique. Sometimes it is as simple as placing a home in an unusual context, like in the Nest Easy logo (which is also a simple and clever play on words). Sometimes you can integrate a home shape into a letterform logo.

Every good logo starts with a good name. An adjective followed by a noun is a quick way to get something very specific, Blue Buffalo, Green Vine, Red Rose. It is easy to take the image as a base for integrating a home shape. I quickly came up with 3 image solutions for the names listed below.
With a little bit of planning it is easy to come up with a logo that will work for your company and help to make your name more memorable for years to come.

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