Sudbury Inspectors?

Hi Guys

 I stopped doing re-sale inspections about a year ago due to a great job offer, however I still work with some private lenders and lease to own companies to do condition assessements on properties before they approve financing.

One of the private lenders recently asked if I would inspect properties in and around Sudbury. I advised him by the time he paid my mileage and time from Hamilton it would be cheaper to hire a Sudbury Inspector. He asked if I knew anyone, if you are interested please reply with your contact info and I will forward it to the lender.

Thanks guys and I hope everyone is doing well, and for those of you who still remember me I just want to let you know that things are going real well with the new job and thanks for the help when I was here ( my experience in inpections has paid off dividends in this new position.)


Jerry Bettencourt

Great glad for Jerry we miss you and I am pleased it has worked out for you all the Best … Roy

Thanks for stopping by and still helping NACHI …

I am just down the road.
Sault Ste Marie Ont.
I will go to Sudbury and the surrounding areas but need two inspections in one day. This works out to be about 650+HST/ Day. The report from Home Gauge is made up the next day.

I live in sudbury and would be happy to do some inspections for your contact, I am the only inspector in the area that does infrared aswell. and my prices are in the same ball park as other inspectors I do not charge extra for infrared.

My company is Thermalspec
my name is Paul Richer my number is 705-562-7466

Thank you

You might want to edit your profile as it says you are in Boulder Co.

Nice to hear from you Gerry and glad that all is well!

All the best,

Jerry, I’ll be moving to the Sudbury area in late April, if your still looking for someone.

Thanks for the possible buisness.

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