Sump pump I get all of the good ones

I don’t know why I am so lucky

This trash can located in a basement has been in use for a long time the kitchen sink drain from above and the washing machine from the basement is discharging into this fancy sump pump pit the pump then discharges into the main above the grade of the basement

Now I have to decide what I want to write about this mess???

Are they using a sump pump or a gray water pump? Not that it matters!

It just makes no sense for the kitchen sink to not be connected properly.

Now for the washer, it could have been drained in to a laundry tub with a gray water pump connected to it.

By the way, can I use these photo’s in presentations?

Sure use the Pics any way you would like.

They were using a standard submergable sump pump and had cut the original sink drain line and installed the discharge of the pump back to this line.

The basement originally had a floor drain and a stand pipe for the washer but apparently the floor drain line had become stopped up or collapsed no longer in use

Bet that smells nice.
Nothing any stinker than old laundry water.

I would think it would stink more if it had Baby Ruths floating in it:) :slight_smile:

Sump pump I get all of the good ones” . . . maybe you should pass some around . . . and I don’t even want to think about the Baby Ruths