Laundry Drain

I found this today. This is some type of lift or grinder pump, it discharges into the sump pump. The sump pump discharges underground, termination point is unknown, I think I know where, but not sure.

What do you GUYS, say???

Thanks, for the help

If you are saying it is a portable ejector pump then it should not connect to a sump.

Was hooked in to a toilet ?

Thanks! No, it discharges directly into the sump pump.

This is an above ground sewer ejector (that is seeping at all penetrations). The only place this ejector should be discharging to is to a main waste line, not a sump pump.

That’s nasty.

Thanks! David. I deferred it to a plumber.

This is another excellent reason not discharge the washer directly to the sump pump. The entire basement was flooded.

More pic’s

It is a Drain Pump used for grey water and it should discharge into the septic/main drain.

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