Sump pump/lift station below grade

I am not too familiar with lift stations. My understanding was that the lid had to be placed above grade to prevent rainwater from possibly entering the lift station. Every home in this neighborhood has it installed below the ground. With the grade sloping torward the pump. The receptacle this one is plugged into is at grade level and it’s not GFI protected either. I assume that since they are all below grade it is acceptable. I would think at a min the grading should slope away from the pump. image image Any feedback is appreciated.

Was the receptacle on a dedicated circuit and did the breaker have GFCI protection?

I just shared the pics with a licensed plumber, and he was baffled by that installation. He couldn’t understand why any one would install a system in that fashion. He also noted that the curved pipe must have been some sort of vent that was too close to ground. In a heavy rain situation, it wouldn’t be able to breathe because it would be under water…

Nope, I tested the receptacle.

Agreed, I have never seen it before. Thanks!