Sump pump requirements

I have three questions. Please note the emphasis I have used on certain words. First, does anyone know of any regulations or codes requiring IN GENERAL a sump pump system on the INTERIOR side of a basement? I know about the IPC requirements for an EXTERIOR footer drain that might need a sump pump system. I am also aware of the requirement for a sump pump for an interior drainage system that cannot drain to a main line via gravity. I am specifically asking whether anyone knows of regulations or codes REQUIRING them in ALL basements. Second, for sump pump systems on the interior side of the basement, does anyone know of any regulations or codes requiring that the sump pump pit be attached to drain lines inside the basement FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION? In other words, could a sump pump pit be used without having drain lines run to it for new construction. Please note that I have been around awhile. I know the disadvantages of installing a pit without using drain lines. I also know that retrofits are usually installed without drain lines. This question is specifically about one being installed prior to the concrete slab being poured. I need to know if regulations or codes REQUIRE drain lines. Third, for sump pump systems in basements with drain lines, does anyone know of any regulation or codes that require that the drain line be installed around the footer as opposed to under the field part of the slab, the field being the the general area of the slab as opposed to the area around the perimeter. Please note again, that I am asking about code and regulation requirements–not acceptable building practices or doing it the right way. You guys know as well as I that some people will not do things the right way until they are told to do it that way. Thanks for the answers.