Sump with no pump...

Large house with full basement. A sump pit was located outside the house. I could see 2 pipes in the bottom of it. No pump visible. 2 small pipes nearby and I couldn’t see anything down those pipes (see last photo). They went deep, however.

How does this function? What’s the purpose?

030910 065.JPG 030910 064.JPG 030910 066.JPG

030910 066.JPG

030910 066.JPG

030910 064.JPG

030910 066.JPG

catch basin and clean outs ?

Most of the gutters were connected to underground drains. However, I saw 2 PVC pipes in this pit.

Looks like they tried to install a future sump to add a pump if it was needed later to pump water out from under the basement slab. The problem is that the two small pipes should have been under the slab somewhere, not on the exterior. Recommend they ask the builder about it if he can be found.

Shallow well ;-).