Sun Nuclear 1028's for sale (23 devices-Excellent Cond)

I have 23 Sun Nuclear 1028’s for sale. All in excellent condition. All calibrated and serviced yearly until last year (I have all of the paperwork). All need calibration.
Buy 1-4 at $500 each, 5-9 at $475 each, 10-14 @ $450 each, 15-23 @ $425 each. plus shipping and handling costs. Have the plugs and computer cords. Make an offer.

So Radon’s no longer a concern in your area??

LOL. On no. It absolutely is. I am still in business and very busy. I purchased 25 new (not Sun Nuclear) bluetooth devices that I am now using. However, I’ve got to say. The new devices might be lighter, smaller and bluetooth but they don’t hold up like my 1028’s always did. VERY RARELY did I have one break down on me or even need service.

I agree - 1028s are solid machines. I have 7 of those and 7 of the 1030s. Both are good but I’m still holding a grudge against Sun Nuclear and their TERRIBLE support with the 1030s and their firmware problems +/- 7 years ago. Anyway, I don’t need any machines but can attest to the fact that the 1028s are a good product that just keep ticking.

Thanks Matt!

Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous monitors. You can purchase one or all. See price list above or send me a reasonable offer.