Sunroom for wind mit??

I would say as per current 1802 the home is protected if all solid doors are protected as well I would give it A and A1.

That explains nothing, Mike. Why would you do this, and what is your reasoning when asked by the underwriter?

Because The House Is Protected. Stuff on the exterior of the home does not matter to me. That is my interpretation of the form.

I would tell Mr. Underwriter if he does not like it he can follow Florida Law and send someone out on his dime :slight_smile:

:mrgreen: That’s your defense???

I Do not need a defense.

They MUST accept it or send someone on their dime :slight_smile:

I wish I knew where that is written but I no longer have it on my computer.

I do not take crap from insurance scum and I and my clients tell them immediately when they start their crap that we will fill an immediate complaint with the OIR.

For some reason they must think the OIR would actually do something because I cannot remember a case when the tactic did not work.

I know you have been doing this awhile, but you are clueless how all of this works. If your client’s agent submits a WM that gets denied or unexplained, no credits are applied to the policy (and no reinspection is ordered by the carrier)…in other words, your client WILL want his money back…

When the client does not know he is getting screwed he has no chance. When they Contact me I crack skulls and things “seem” to get done.

Are you familiar with the letter I am talking about that states that they MUST accept a form filled out by a qualified inspector and give the required discounts or send their own inspector. I had it once but lost it and I am not sure if anyone remembers it but me.

I have been screwed by clients before I figured how to avoid it but I HAVE NEVER had one request a refund because of not getting credits, or ANY OTHER reason. As of yet :slight_smile: Hopefully it will stay that way.

Yes, the carrier can do a reinspection on their dime, but that is only if the credits have been awarded previously and there is a question about them.

Here is what you need to be concerned with.

“Any documentation used in validating the compliance or existence of each construction or mitigation attribute must
accompany this form. At least one photograph must accompany this form to validate each attribute marked in questions 3
though 7. The insurer may ask additional questions regarding the mitigated feature(s) verified on this form.”

Yep I argued way way against that but the big guys say yeah no problem. It is BULLSH-T in my opinion.


We all know my opinion does not mean squat. Unfortunately… If only I could rule the world :slight_smile: