Wind mit protection

So as for wind mitigation protection I am looking for some clarification.

Here is a pic of a screened in patio, HIP roof attached to house, should the shutters be installed on the sliding glass door area, or the screened in area since the roof is attached?

And if this set-up was not screened but say glassed in, if you put the shutters on the outside to protect that glass, do you also need another set of shutters for the sliding glass door too? or is the protection in front of it enough?

I just want to make sure, so thank you for the info and input.

If it is screened and not enclosed, the back door is the building envelope, so the door

Pretty good question actually Steve. As that porch sits now, the protection would be needed on the SGD area leading into the base living area. If the porch is later enclosed, the protection will need to be on the exterior of the porch walls. You would not need to protect both the SGD area and the exterior of the porch if enclosed.

That is what I thought just wanted to verify. Thanks for the info and input.

Typically enclosed would imply living space. If the enclosure is of light construction then it does not need to be covered. Vinyl and plastic windows that are designed to be removed during a storm do not count.

John, what do you consider light construction? Sun rooms with floor to ceiling windows… light? or living space?

Light metal construction is usually an aluminum structure with screens or light windows. The windows are usually vinyl or plastic. The roof is usually aluminum as a pan or sandwiched foam. They can be enclosed to resemble a room but are not designed the same as residential construction. They typical Florida room, sun room screen room, most are attached to a manufactured home. Many use panels for walls, and may even have separate A/C system.

When the house can not be secured separately(the door to the home is removed) or the home’s A/C system is piped to the “Florida” room, I then include it in the wind mitigation, four point or Roof Cert.

Gotcha, door is almost always removed on the ones I see.

Not sure what difference it makes if the sunroom is heated (living) space or not. That would only imply more loss due to better furnishings I presume, but it wouldn’t have much to do with pressure if breached, correct?

If the house A/C is connected then it would be living space. If the room is breached then the system would need need to be shut off and could be damaged. This could cause many issues.