Superior wall system

I came across this foundation for the first time in a new construction home and was wondering if any inspectors have seen this and what are there thoughts.

It has a 15 year warranty.

Here is my picture and I linked the product info.

100407 019 (Small).jpg

Very popular system in my area. I think they make them around here someplace.

See quite a few of these.

Have not encountered any situations / questions with regard to the Superior Wall Systems pictured.

Is there a particular concern?

I believe that is true.

I know of a few Builders in this area that swear by these type of Foundation Wall Systems.

They have also employed them in their own homes that they constructed.

It may be a Demographic / Geographic concern.

Just checked out the site and wonder how cost compares to a poured foundation?Also noted the wall is only 1 and 3/4" deep.Not much room for error if there is any spalling.I guess those cement studs take the pressure.

Studs are PTL. Not Concrete.

Ooops must have mis read as I thought the wood was only on the inside portion of the stud for nailing.Never saw them so what do you think?will they replace poured foundations or not?

From what I’m told, price is about the same as poured walls or CMU’s, but you get your basement today, and you’re building tomorrow.

Interesting as I have not been seeing it in my area.Looks like it is good for drainage,but will need to take more of a read on specifications for limitation.

Not likely.

As an architect, I feel very uneasy about relying on caulked joints below ground, modern sealants or not. Also, in my area, they will not do additions, claiming they have had too many problems with additions in the past, especially the joint between the precast panels and the existing foundation. I will specify them only if a client specifically asks for them, and only when I have registered my objections to them. I know they are popular, but I feel that I must be conservative, especially where leaks could occur down the line.

Thanks Richard that makes alot of sense.I was wondering about the idea of joints being a good idea myself.I poo poo’d the thought on the grounds it was an easy fix,but then you need to consider the interior walls get finished.Also what you said about the weight of of additions affecting performance.

the first link says “concrete studs” and “wood nailers”

all wood foundations have been around for awhile, too.

No concern. I have never encountered a system like this and was posting for the benefit of other inspectors who may not be familiar with the system.

Thanks Andrew I knew I was not seeing things.

#11 on the pdf. the wall thickness is 10 1/4".
#10 The face shell is 1 3/4"


I think they are including the studs wood and all which realy is cheating as far as strength goes.

That #11 only notes overall thickness. It makes not claims with regard to strength.

We’re in the design phase for a new home now, and the builder recommended this type of foundation for the basement. The cost he quoted us was $29/sq. ft. I think that’s about twice the price for CMU, but we don’t have a firm quote on that yet.

$29 per square foot of foundation wall? that’s alot!
look into insulated concrete forms.