What is Behind the panels!!

I was emailed these photos by a professional water proofing specialist that would like to me to post these pictures. (Steve Allen)

He is a friend of Mr Bubber.

These pictures are really a great example of how the basement panels can be an inferior product especially on this type of foundation. (lots around here)

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

failed int 1.JPG

failed int 2.JPG

failed int 5.JPG

failed int 4.JPG

failed int 3.JPG

Good pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

…but you probably voided the warranty by peeking behind the panels…ha, ha, ha. :p:shock::mrgreen:

Thanks for posting the pictures Dave, and great title. As a non member I am unable to post pics. Sadly for homeowners, we excavate a couple of homes a month that have interior water control systems installed. Larry, you are absolutely correct.


Whooaaa Nelly!

Thanks for the photos Steve and thanks for posting Dave. :wink:

Said all along, bright wall PANELS or whatever some want to call that CRAP doesn’t do a dang thing other than hide/conceal the actual condition of basement walls.

You can bet duh house there are many more foundation walls in similar shape that were covered/paneled by interior basement system companies who told many homeowners a good bulshtt story, a supposed need for an interior system and sump pump when NONE of that was going to do a dang thing.

God how Bubbamilk hates the fact many homeowners have been bsd, cheated out of a lot of money by many interior basement system companies.

And Mr. Larry, lool, yes indeed, that good ole bs story on the supposed lifetime basement warranty, pfft.

Ask again, what good did the interior system and sump and bright wall panels do and how much MONEY did another homeowners spend on JUNK?

They did NOT stop the water from coming in and they hid the condition and likely worsening condition of the foundation wall.

Amazing lolol. I/we have NEVER, not once, used anything to cover, put against any basement wall, 30+ years. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :-k

Here’s Basement Systems Mr. Larry yapping about bright wall panels…
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejUrT2yn6OI ](,)](,)](*,)
:45 What options etc…‘First we have to ask do we want to finish the basement…’
YOU need to ask that crap Larry, not contractors like us because you people don’t relieve, reduce, remove any exterior causes of basement wall cracks, causes of walls bowing in etc.

You know interior basement drainage systems don’t stop water from coming through any basement wall so you want to hide the water, you want to conceal the condition of the wall, you want to hide any efflorescence, mold etc on the wall(s) and that’s what bright wall panels etc do.


1:20 mark in video big time Larry says, if you want clean, dry, usuable space…there is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright Wall…water can run down behind it (isn’t that VAGUELY important #-o#-o, HUH?)
Clean, dry space huh?
Jesus, behind the dumb az bright wall/other crap is WATER and may be mold, efflorescence like this…

Added this because the guy in next-video may see some in near future…

Basement leak, behind drywall first 2 minutes should be plenty fer ya

Pretty much all these interior basement drainage companies are either incompetent or fraudulent. That’s right.
They try hard to come off as honest experts don’t they…huh? :wink:

How could they possibly be a friggin honest expert when they bs homeowners on the reason(s) they leak, the cause(s) of a wall bowing in and what is BEST for those homeowners and their dang walls.

They’ve got away with this bulllshtt because too many don’t understand or don’t want-to understand this subject plus, most in duh media sit back and pick their noses and scratch their azz and rather show their viewers/readers absolute crap about sht like Justin Bieber!@!@!@!!! ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Thanks again gentzzzz! :wink:

Burn/Deep Purple 2:15 umm pretty good guitar playa they had eh, got milk?

Basement Waterproofing… the so called senior inspector #-o#-o#-o

The interior basement system company (Aquaterds) touted themselves as trustworthy. :mrgreen:

Deception and misrepresentation are too strong. :-k

Hmm, well many are as i’ve spoken with a lot of homeowners who, when they finally realized what happened to them, they totally agree the inside system chumps they had out were deceptive and misrepresented everything!

Quick example, quite a few go into a homeowners basement and take a hammer and tap the floor and say something like, ‘Yep, hollow, you need an interior system’
Heard that from about 50 homeowners times last year.
Just that is being DECEPTIVE and MISREPRENTING the problem(s).

Anyways, Mr. Russ in part says on the senior inspector they sent over…
‘It’s clear this guy was either incapable of doing a real assessment of the source of the water seepage in my basement or simply not interested in providing a real assessment of the problems’

…Nothing wrong with being a salesman.

BUTT butt BUTT, these self proclaimed honest, trustworthy, supposedly experienced companies send you over an INEXPERIENCED waterproofing-foundation person, a SALESMAN.
A salesperson who is hardly an expert on the actual problems, causes and real-solutions.
And so many homeowners continue to trust these stinky TERDS.

…General manager’s sworn deposition… his sales representatives go out and LIE every week.
DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING ding DING!!!


Side note.

Do you think the garage drain is blocked or worse??

See photo.

Also nice job cutting web out of garage I beam. (see photo)

Thanks for your enlightening posts!!

263814 031 (Small).JPG

263814 030 (Small).JPG

Dave :mrgreen::wink:
Nah man, don’t see any problems. lool
Hey, maybe that homeowner should call Everdry etc etc and have them install another shtball inside system in duh garage and umm maybe have them install bright wall panels around the beam :mrgreen:

Just like to some, there’s no problems, no worries installing interior basement systems and wall panels.(photos posted) And umm, jesus, did a city inspector actually ok that inside system, okayed the PERMIT (if there was one) and wall panels? looollooll
Many city inspectors around here think all that crrrrap is fine!! ](,)](,)](*,)

In case some hadn’t noticed, there are some seriously messed up peeps on duh planet.

Basement wall, ‘after I took off paneling’

Yes indeedy, removing some paneling or drywall etc off a basement wall can help identify the REAL problems, leaks.

Some would have told this guy and other homeowners like him to install an interior system and sump pump or raise and slope the grade or extend the downspouts 2.2 miles away and none of that would have fixed the actual problems. Got milk?

Yep, what’s BEHIND your basement drywall, paneling etc or behind that JUNK interior basement system companies place against your basement wall, huh? lol
Cracks and a tad more. 1914 or 2014, fix things right.

Some want to keep putting/applying garbage on the inside of foundation walls :wink:

Got good mortar joints, huh?

Number one, there must be an adequate air apace prior the paneling material, what ever it may be.
There is more to the defect than meets the eye. Determining the defects/deficiencies takes time.

Number two. That is a brick foundation. They have a limited life span as compared to poured concrete.
That is not an adequate lesson to teach homies IMO.

'Not adequate lesson(s) to teach homies?

… well umm, one thing is certain, the interior basement system and wall panels weren’t ANY sort of solution.

…hence, big waste of money. Getting talked into interior basement systems by incompetent, misleading and often fraudulent salespeople of interior system companies isn’t a good lesson?

…'takes time to determine defects??
Takes ZERO time, maybe a second, to determine the problem(s), cause(s) and true solution is/was NOT what they did on the inside, sheesh.

‘They will SELL, you anything your little heart desires…these things inside system companies do, is cuz they are STONED in your basement wiff youuuuuu’
Stylistics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j7qRCqvltU

#1 Brick foundations can last 100+ years, seems to me they are more structurally sound then concrete block. They usually seep water and the last thing they need is an inferior drainage system.

#2 There can be a place for an inside system, but it is best to control the water from the exterior.

Homies need to listen to Mr Bubber!!

I am not disagreeing.
The best system, exterior/interior systems with a drainage plane on the exterior and a trench along the interior wall periphery channeled to a sump basin or exhausted to a lowest basen then out to a gray water line.

John has to use home inspection terminology.
I can not see an expert witness using many of his own verbiage.
Remember, all present must universally understand what is being discussed and reported on. From mans iron sharpening iron, casual free thinkers exchanging ideas to technical exhaustives and lastly litigation and code amendments, the narrative must be able to be interpreted by all parties.

dammmmmmmmmmmmit , someone left the door open ](,)](,)](*,)

duh ummm, didn’t realize I was in court ](,)](,)](*,)

seem to have done well when I have been asked to show up #-o#-o#-o

-excerpt such as, 'ya fk ‘n a yer honor, the inside shttheads sukk Xtra-large army helmets’

Police Brutality
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WJ_5OtyfDo …if you need special training to be told not to jam a large cumbersome object up someone’s a ho maybe yer too fkd up to be on the police force in the first place…no one should ever have any object placed inside their a ho that is larger than a fist and less loving than a dlllllllldo, ok #-o

There you go peeps, all you need to do on this subject is listen to Robert. Apparently he has decades of hands on experience on this subject with no customers he’s done waterproofing for, looking for him and trying to jam a large cumbersome object up his …

Best Dammmmmmmm Sports Show
Jeff Dunham, Walter… Michael Irvin, are you going to Michael Jackson’s sleepover again, take Robert wiff ya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3RjAjv8CoE got the brothers laughing and the cracker is pissed.

As expressed, once he can learn that the world does not evolve around his verbiage and has to talk to professionals unformulated with bubb’s mike, than maybe he will be a valuable informer.
Until then I see ONE LONG RANT.

Forever ‘Young’, yep.

Let’ see now, Robert claims I’m not a valuable informer :mrgreen:
Never said I was or wanted to be, only that I try to post photos and links from OTHERS who understand one lousy subject better than most others, especially those inside system co’s who profess to be honest experts when all they’re doing is screwing over most homeowners.

You seem to have lost or, never got, the more important things on this subject some of us have posted about and now care about my use of words, lol.

So Robert, according to you, no one reading any of my SHTT could have learned anything. It all has to worded for your ok, up to your supposed well-schooled standards huh? lool

No one who looked at the photos posted learned anything.

No one who has read some or most of the U S Army Corps, Fairfax etc links or watched some of the you tube vid’s posted, learned anything.

You think no homeowner who has read some my SHTT has called me, asking for some help huh?

Forever Young Rodster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGEe_zpddNI

frankly I’m suprised…I’ve always thought Bubba was quite the sweet talker…maybe a bit unemotional ,but just the same…

Jimmy! :wink:
Jim, is this woman walking up to your front door? =P~
Jimmy Eat World, The Middle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKsxPW6i3pM

not for a long long time now partner…