Superior Walls-Exposed Insulation

Xsi model has exposed Dow stryrofoam, but is labeled as “no thermal barrier required”, but when I click on the webpage, DOW® extruded polystyrene insulation shows up.
My point is that it’s confusing and is the insulation required to be covered?


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hey Pete, not sure where you’re talking about covering? with what material?

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Actually I was about to ask a similar question.
Is drywall required over basement insulation and why ?

I have read that it is even here someplace.

Pretty sure it has to do with fire resistance but then why is it not required in attics ?

There is small print which states that local code may require it to be covered, and “no thermal barrier required”. Very confusing!

Just got off the phone with David from Superior Walls, the exposed extruded polystyrene insulation does not have to be sheetrocked/fireproofed which explains the words “thermal barrier not required”!

Huh, I thought polystyrene insulation was flammable…:-k

wood studs in a basement are flammable too. If it’s unfinished, why does it matter???

I was thinking because…

…does not say in basement.

In the past our AHJ required it to be covered, even in the basement. I haven’t checked in a while but still point out the potential hazard of breathing black poison in the event of a fire in the basement.

per superior walls, Tested per ANSI/UL 1715

Thanks, must be something special mixed into that particular product…