Supply duct question

Mixing box appears to have too many supply ducts. Outside temp was 60 degrees so I only operated it in heating mode.
Goodman 2007 (evaporator coil replaced in 2013)
some closed registers
4 ton
2800 sq ft
bends in the flex duct etc.

I recommended evaluation by a Qualified HVAC tech.

My question is… Before inspection contingency expires.


I’d say that a qualified HVAC guy look at it too. It is a lot of feeds, but they (flexible ducts) also look like they may be kinked a bit much is a few areas. Was the airflow weak in any of the rooms supplied? I’ll wager it was.

Its Alive! Its Alive!

Why? Based on the photo an HVAC tech installed it, and another one called in to “evaluate” would likely say “it’s fine”.
You’re better off stating what exactly needs to be fixed.

Is that distro box the top of the AHU plenum below, or is the unit located somewhere else?

My guess is that someone recently replaced all the ductwork and consolidated it to make the work faster and spend less time in the attic…


How many trunk lines were there and how many single drops were there

Sorry Charlie (couldn’t resist) I didn’t count them. System had enough issues to call out.

Not the first time I heard that.

Yes I saw a few issues but keep in mind when using the term to many supply ducts can end up with egg on your face, in all reality there is no such thing, supply air distribution would have to be checked for CFM at each register and balanced accordingly. The key is does the furnace blower have the CFM capacity to maintain specific static pressure to each register.

BTW what did you call out