Your Ducts are fine

:smiley: :smiley:



I take it you had a ruff-spection today—:stuck_out_tongue:

Small Condo, easy peasy. :smiley:

Is that spiral dust or something?

That a heat duct or a dryer duct. We did not see the whole picture you know. :slight_smile:

Looking up into a rectangular Return Air Compartment 15" x 24", Dirty Flexible AC Duct. First pic hard to tell but the duct is disconnected and or deteriorated (9 to 10 o’clock area)

They need to change their filters. :mrgreen::wink:

Yes indeed. The Filter was too small by the way, but the biggest problem was the leak in the duct. Needs new ducts.


Because they are old and FUBAR… I told them that…:smiley:

Good. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you ruined an honest realtors day, Mr. CMI…:twisted: