Support for TJI joists & microllam?

The microllam was supported by one 2x6 & on the opposite side by two 2x4’s? Is that enough? I would think at least two 2x6’s and three 2x4’s with that size beam.

The triple joists are supported by one 2x10 and then on the other side by one 2x6 & one 2x4. This also looks insufficient.

T-post configurations are pretty strong plus you have a double top plate…however I would refer to the blue print and/or the Ijoist installation instructions.

On a side note, I am not a fan of styrofoam sheathing as it add not structural value to a wall system… is this a phased inspection you’re doing or just stopped by a jobsite to check it out?


phased inspection. the styrofoam is common around here.

I don’t dare comment on it being wrong as I don’t know what the difference is between a 2x4 and a 2x6.:shock::shock::shock:

About time you began to wise up! :wink: