support post picture

Here is the picture from the support post


That is most certainly a load bearing post.

I saw the same load bearing post with some deep cracks [vertical] running down the post and the inspector on the H.I show wich airs every sat. morning
told clients in his exact words This is of no structual support. This is a inspector with over 2000 HI to his name , a veteran. it just didn’t make sense that he said that . what do you make of that?how would you call this out?

That comment was of no structual concern, refering to the checking in the post.

“Load bearing,” and “having structural significance” are not necessarily the same thing.

In other words, if it was not designed to be load bearing, it has little or no structural significance. The cantilever may have been designed to support its own load and the post is simply supporting minor deflection and may not be designed as “load bearing.”

What is directly above that support? Is it additional living space, or a balcony of sorts?

If it were actually designed to be a structural support, it would be required to have a substantial footing (obviously we can’t determine that).

There are several factors that we can use to try and determine (make an educated guess) if a support is designed to be load bearing, but that is really beyond our scope in most cases.

Call it like you see it. If the post looks damaged, defer it to a qualified contractor (rather than a SE).

I couldn’t agree more with Jeff. Good job-as always-Jeff!

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thanks guys