I attached a pic dont know if it going to work . The supports for the trusses are 16 on center half way through the unfinshed bonus room then change to 32 inch on center. Is there some reason to change or is this a code infraction. Thanks

I don’t see any trusses. I see rafters which probably span from ridge to outside wall, and I see a non-load-bearing knee wall framed at the side of the “bonus” room. I don’t see any 32-inch spacing in the picture. If there are studs apaced on 32-inch centers, it isn’t “best practice”, but for a non-bearing partition, it isn’t a code violation. If I were an inspector, I would write it up as “not best practice” and suggest that additional studs might be added before finishing the “bonus” room. The effect of 32-inch spacing would primarily be inadequate support for the wallboard, unless for some reason 5/8-inch wallboard were required, and still, the wallboard may flex too much.

I don’t see anything wrong in this picture. Is this room over a garage? If they are going to finish this room the insulation should be installed with proper venting.

yea the 32 spacing didnt make the pic and that is how i’m gonna write it.

I see a change in the spacing of the* rafters,* which are typically on 24" centers rather than the 16" shown in the near side of the photo. Looks like they change to 32" toward the far end which would be overspanned for 1/2" OSB roof sheathing.

Wierd framing with those little uprights in about 18" from the exterior wall and the changes in layout. Not too good a job cutting the gable studs either.

I’m familiar with the call for adequate ventilation of an attic space, but what’s “proper venting for insulation”?

Like Ken said, they skipped a couple rafters, look closer I highlighted with arrows. Not rated for enough support for that 1/2 inch.

I think the gable end framing would deserve a few arrows too. ha. ha.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No missing rafters in that picture.

You are seeing the sides of the rafters and thinking its sheathing.

Notice how the angle causes the sheathing to incrementally disappear from the camera view?

Your right, my mistake. After I enlarge about about 300% I can see them.