Question about convention framing

Looking forward I saw this, looks like it may be missing some studs??
Not sure really, any help would be great.

Picture 093 (Small).jpg

Those studs hanging down? The other one may be there, just not visible from this side. Looks like scrap lengths were used. Not as neat as I like to see but probably adequate to hold, what appears to be, the sheathing and siding on the little gable wall between the roof planes.

Thanks Larry, I concur, wanted a 2nd opinion.

Hi. Cheryl and hope you are fine.

Just curious on some of your pics,
What is that bundled insulation heap about?
Why does the ridgeboard not seem continuous?
2x4 in the front looks like temporary support while erecting the ridge and rafters.!
Cut off 2x4’s might have been temporary support for the first rafters erected.
Just guessing and curious.
Are those rafters 2x6 or 2x8’s? Seems oversized for that region.!!

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is the portion furthest away an addition? If so was it possible the gable end wall framing was removed and the rafters past it were added. Again its somewhat difficult to know without further detail.

It looks like toward the end of the attic, another ridge is offset from the one in the foreground. This indicates that there was an addition built onto the house and where the studs were cut used to be the gabled end (old exterior wall). When they built the addition they cut out the old gable studs to provide easier access to the new attic space. The only structural purpose of the gable studs would have been to provide backing for the exterior wall covering.

I agree that it possibly an addition

Looks like the bundled heap is possibly a cathedral ceiling or tray of some sort ??