surface mount receptacles for indoor brick wall

We want to add outlet receptacles in a room with brick walls and a concrete floor, without having to break into the masonry or concrete. We are planning on using surface mounted receptacles about 14" from the floor, fed vertically up by conduit fastened to the surface of the brick wall , branching from conduit running behind the baseboard. Do you see any problems with this approach, or would you recommend another option?



You’ve got the right idea.

Its cheaper and faster to run your branch wiring inside conduit to a junction box location that is attached right to the brick surface. This type of installation doesn’t look that bad.

To install a recessed electrical box you must remove several bricks to install a box and then snake the wire to it and then cut and fit the removed bricks back in around the box with mortar, no easy task… I will assure you.

The options are endless, but you might want to consider running Plugmold the whole way around the room, set right smack on top of the baseboard. Blends right in, particularly if you put base cap on top of the Plugmold. Looks like it’s part of the baseboard. The options are only limited by your imagination, since the products to do darned near anything you can imagine exist in the marketplace.

Mark is right, the possibilities are endless.

Contact a good Electrical Contractor for possibilities and options.

Here is a link to all the parts and pieces available by WireMold.

Hope it helps a little.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I think you should get a pro to explore your options. I know my wife would be whining about surface mounted boxes and raceways forever. “It’s hard to clean, it doesn’t look like it is finished, it’s ugly… yada yada.”
… but she was a builder for years and the contractors that worked for her had jokes about her wanting to defy the laws of physics to get things looking right.
I know I have done more fishing than Bill Dance to hide things.

Thanks for the advice (David, Marc, Marcel, Greg). Knowing about the other options (we hadn’t known about the plugmold/wiremold line of products), and cost, ease of maintenence will allow us to be more prepared when we talk to a pro now. Thanks again, guys.